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What is a Folder?

A folder is not a file. It does not have a file extension. A folder is where you store files on your computer. They are also called "directories." (Your computer's hard drive is also a folder. It's name is "C." )

How to make and Name a Folder

To create a new folder on your computer desktop, right click the mouse on your desktop (computer screen) and a window will open. Go to "New." Then go to "Folder"

How to make a folder

When you click on "folder" a new folder will be created on your computer desktop. It will be named "new folder."

How to rename a folder

How to make a folder

To rename the folder right click on it with your mouse and a window will open. Move the mouse curser to "rename" position and then type in the new name. The new name of the folder should be something that will tell you what is in the folder. For example you can name it "my web site."


How to make a folder


Your folder is the place where you will put all your web site files and pictures.