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How to create a Link to another page

(How to create a link to another page.)
<a href=""></a>

Step two in creating your simple web site is to learn to create a link that will take you to another page on your web site when you click on it.

Both of the pages (files) you make will be put in the same folder. But first, you need to make a folder.

FolderCreate a new folder on your computer desktop. To do this, right click the mouse on your computer screen and a window will open. Go to "new" and then "folder" and click on that. A new folder will appear on your computer screen.

Name the folder something like "my web site." If you need instructions on creating and naming a folder refer to "How to create and name a new folder.

Your home page file must be named index.html. When a computer goes to your folder on the Internet it looks for and opens the index.html page first. So change the name of yourhome.html file to index.html. The index.html file is your home page. It is the first page visitors will see when they go to your web site.

Name your second page (file) aboutus.html. (That is a page that will tell the visitor about you, the web site publisher.)

So now you have two files in your folder and you want to link your home page to your about us page.

The markup language:

<a href=“aboutus.html”>About us</a>

In html, there needs to be an opening tag and a closing tag. All markup should be in lower case letters.

<a href=""> is the opening tag.

The name of the file for that page is placed between the two quotation marks. In this case it isaboutus.html.

If the page is located in the same folder, all that is required is the name of that file. In this example, the name of the file that you are linking to is aboutus.html.

The text:

Everything typed in between the opening tag and the closing tag will be underlined and will take you to the target page when you click on it.

</a> is the closing tag. There must be a forward slash / in front of the a.

Links will automatically be underlined and the default color for linked text is blue. This is what the linked text will look like in the design view of your first page.

Go to bacaraka.com home

Because it is underlined, people will know that it is linked to another page. Although now many links are not underlined. If you run your mouse over the link and it changes colors that is the "hoover" attribute. If your curser turns into a hand, that means it is a link.


Now if you have not already done it, make your two pages and link them together. You will also want to create a link from your "about us" page back to your "home" page. Your home page file name isindex.html

<a href="index.html">Home</a>

You now have enough information to create a web site. The next step is to publish it. That is, to place this folder on a web host and acquire an address for it so everyone in the world can find your site.