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How to Make a Basic Web page using HTML.

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Learn to make a Basic HTML web page using

Hypertext Markup Language (html)

If you truly have the desire to do your own web site and if you have an hour to spend, I strongly suggest that you do this simple exercise to familiarize yourself with the basic web page.

Html is the "hypertext markup language" behind the page that tells your computer's web browser how to display the page. It can be the the most simple and basic needed to get a browser to read it and it can still get a good placement on a search engine.

The below shaded area, is the entire markup content behind our "basic web page."


Select and copy just the text in the shaded area and paste it into MS Word, (or any text editor or word processor) and then save that file as a text (.txt) file to your computer desktop. Before saving it, name the file home.txt

Now, change the file extension:

Important: Close that file out of your word processor first. Then locate the file on your computer desktop and right click on it and change the name of the file from home.txt to home.html.

In other words, change the extension of the file from .txt to .html

What is a file extension?

A file extension is the part of the file name that follows after the period or dot. If you cannot see these file extensions on you computer, you need to configure the computer to show the entire file name, including the extension. I will show you how to do that in another lesson.

The warning:

When you rename a file that includes changing the file extension, the computer will warn you that if you change the file extension, the file "may become unusable." This is because the file extension is what tells your computer what program to use to open the file. The file may become unusable if the computer does not have a program that opens files with that extension. Your computer looks only at the file extension to determine what program to use to open that file.

Change it anyway.(My aren't we brave?)

What is a file extension for?

The extension at the end of a file name tells your computer what kind of program to use to open that file. The .html tells your computer that this file should open in a web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox or any other browser that reads web pages.

The Web Browser

Now, when you click on the file, it will open in a web browser. That is because the file extension of .html tells your computer that this is a web page and it will open in a web browser. A web browser is a program that reads web pages. (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, or Firefox are all web browsers.)

What you should learn from this exercise:

What I would like you to learn from doing this exercise below is that you can write your basic web page in any text editor like MS word or Word Pad and then save it as a .txt file and then change the file name extension to .html and the file will open in a web browser and you will have a web page. (Example below.)

<!doctype html system "html.dtd">
<title>The Basic Web Page</title>
<h2>Your basic web page </h2>

<p>This area between the markup for this paragraph is where you will place your content for the paragraph. The opening markup starts the paragraph and the closing markup ends the paragraph. The new web standard is to have a closing for all markup code.

<p>This is another paragraph. It is a good idea to break up your content into small paragraphs because it makes it easy to read. Some older versions of html will use all capitol letters to write the markup code, but the new standards is all lower case letters as you see here.



To see what the above page will look like click on this link: Home

The point I want to make is if you desire to make a web site with confidence, then get started with learning basic HTML and don’t get overwhelmed with the vast amount of stuff that everyone else is doing. Learn and Do one thing at a time.

There are many good programs today that are designed for making web pages and some word processing programs that will save your work as a web page, but it is still a good idea to learn the basics along with learning to use these programs.

You can have a web site, and you can have good placement on a search engine even with a simple page like the one above. First learn the simple basics of html and then learn a little bit more a little at a time.

Get over the idea that creating your own web site and maintaining it is too complicated. Start simple with the bare basics.

You will gain confidence

Although there are many people who make their own sites and never learned to write or understand the markup language behind the page, you are better equipped to find and correct mistakes if you understand basic html and you will have a lot more confidence and flexibility.

You learned the English language didn't’t you? It is the most difficult language to learn.You can learn basic html in two weeks. You can learn the markup language for a page like the one above in one hour or less. How long did it take you to learn English? Html is a very easy language to learn and it is the foundation for making web pages.

After you decide what you want on your web site, and after you make your very first page, then you will want to learn how to link to another page.


So, make a folder on your desktop for your web site and then make two pages and put these two pages in your folder. One page will be your web site "Home" page and the other page will be your "About Us" page.